Dog Grooming

“Anyone who doesn’t know what soap tastes like never washed a dog” Franklin P Jones

We offer an exceptional grooming service for all dog breeds, ages, shapes and sizes.

Regular grooming is essential to help maintain healthy skin, coat condition and to ensure mat-free fur. Our gentle fear-free approach will ensure your dog has a positive experience with us and can continue to be groomed into the future without hassle. Our services range from a bath and blow dry to specialised breed-specific scissor clips. We work with you to achieve the best result for you and your dog.

Our professional dog grooming service includes:

  • Clipping of fur
  • Brush-outs or de-shedding for densely coated breeds such as Siberian Huskies, Japanese Spitz, Samoyed, Golden Retrievers and many others.
  • Hydro-bathing
  • Blow-drying
  • Nail trim
  • General ear clean

We do provide additional services, including ear plucking, anal gland emptying and veterinary examination or vaccination on request.

We stagger our grooming appointments throughout the day to ensure efficient and speedy service. Multiple dogs are groomed simultaneously throughout the day and we usually ask for you to leave your dog with us for around 2-3 hours for a full body groom. We will call you to advise when your pooch is squeaky clean and ready to go home.