Private Dog Training

Well behaved dogs get to go more places and do more things!

Training may be the key to unlocking your perfect pooch!

Through private training sessions we can help you set your new puppy or rescue dog up for success. We can help to address undesirable behaviours like pulling on the leash, jumping up on people, begging for food, and much more.

If you’d like personable one on one training with your best friend to reinforce good habits and social etiquette, please get in touch for a chat to see if we can help!

Is private dog training right for me & my dog?
Private dog training is suitable for puppies and dogs of all ages and can address a variety of training goals!

A few examples that we can help with include:

• New puppy/rescue dog session to set you up for success with your new family member!
• Walking nicely on leash
• Practicing come-when-called (recall)
• Greeting people politely (instead of jumping up on people!)
• Creating a safe and positive relationship between dogs and kids
• Settling on their mat at pubs and cafes

Where are sessions held?
Sessions are run in our dedicated training space at 226 Johnston Street Fitzroy by a qualified dog trainer.

Ready to book a private dog training session?
Give us a call on (03) 9069 9907 to discuss your training goals or concerns and from there we can discuss appointment options.