Puppy Grooming Intro

Groomed with a smile, wagged with a tail!

A gentle introduction to grooming to set your puppy up for lifelong success in the grooming salon!

A grooming salon has lots of new sensations (bathing, hair dryers, clippers) for your puppy to experience, sometimes this can be overwhelming for them. Our Puppy Grooming Intro is designed to help introduce your puppy to the sights, smells, sounds and sensations they will experience in the grooming salon for the rest of their lives, hence setting them up for success from the start.

What is the Puppy Grooming Intro?
Across 3 sessions over 3 weeks, we gradually introduce your puppy to the grooming salon. The aim of these sessions is the provide your puppy with a positive, fun and enjoyable experience whilst in a grooming salon, there are lots of cuddles, praises, treats and fun!

In the first session we introduce your puppy to the space and sounds of the salon, followed by a quick bath and blow dry. This introduces them to the sensations of the bath and the salon.

In the second session we bath, blow dry and perform a ‘tidy’, trimming their feet, face and sanitary areas. This briefly introduces them to the scissors and clippers used in a full grooming session.

In the third session we provide a full groom to your instructions. This introduces your puppy to all the sounds and sensations of the salon, the scissors & clippers as well as the positions we need them to hold whilst grooming them.

Our gentle and fun introduction to grooming helps to build your puppys confidence and comfort when at the grooming salon and will help make the process a stress free one for years to come!

What will my puppy learn?
Using a positive reinforcement and rewards-based approach we will:

• Gradually introduce your puppy to the salon experience.
• Build their confidence and comfort whilst in our care.
• Provide plenty of cuddles, kisses, play, praise and treats!

Ready to enrol in a Puppy Grooming Intro course?
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