Qualifications: I am currently completing a Bachelor of Fine arts specialising in painting at the Victorian College of the Arts.

Why: I pursued this role as I am an animal lover. Growing up in rural Victoria, I was constantly surrounded by animals, however when I moved to Melbourne for University I had to leave my fluffy friends at home. This job is great for me being able to interact with cuddly dogs and other pet lovers

My Pets: My family currently have three gorgeous dogs, Tank, Morrie and Cooper. Tank is a 4yo Golden Retriever a gentle giant with a long golden-orange coat. Morrie is 2yo brown cavoodle, and is cooper a 7yo Japanese Spritz x Mini poodle.

Funny Pet Story: On the farm our dogs live near the cows paddock and Tank our Golden Retriever loves the cows, quite often you will see him kissing the cows through the fence, and sleeping against the fence when they are around.

Hobbies: Outside of work I am an artist, I spend my time oil painting and organising gallery shows to display and sell my art.

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