Qualifications: I have been grooming professionally since I graduated school. For the last 8 years I have had the pleasure of working with some of the industry’s most prestigious groomers as well as having the opportunity to travel to the USA, Canada and the UK to learn and grow my knowledge.

Why: I became a groomer because I have always had a passion for dogs. I was given my first dog at the age of 13, he became my first show dog and the obsession grew from there.

My Pets: I have 6 dogs at home, 3 shetland sheepdogs and 3 salukis. Bart (13year old), Wynta (8 year old) and Disney(2 year old) are all sable and white shelties. They are 3 generations of my own breeding under ‘Sheltastic Shetland Sheepdogs’. Cyrus (10 year old), Barbie (4 year old) and Isla (9 month old) are our salukis which we breed under the ‘Baghdad Saluki’ prefix.

Funny Pet Story: My husband got home before me one day and found a Cadbury Marvelous creations popping candy chocolate block wrapper on the floor (it was left on a very tall dining suite). After ringing me to find out how much I had eaten the night before, he soon found Wynta with chocolate throughout her coat and licking her lips that he could still hear popping! Thankfully no vet visit was required as she was perfectly fine (thanks to her iron cast stomach!) but it’s fair to say all food is now lock in cupboards!

Hobbies: If you haven’t guessed it already, we are slightly dog obsessed! Outside of work, on most weekends you will find me competing at dog shows. My husband and I do confirmation showing with our pets, we have a very successful team and also love to travel interstate with them to compete. If we are feeling some time away from shows, then we will be out hiking or at the beach (of course the dogs are invited to those activities too!)

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