Qualifications: Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services, Certificate III in Animal Studies (Specialising in Animal Care)

Why: I am very passionate about Animal welfare and I love talking to people about their pets. I have really enjoyed being apart of the team at Joni & Co as they share the same passions and we work well as a team.

My Pets: Currently I live and breathe cats which is fine since I get to see lots of cute doggies at work. All my cats have very different personalities and I love them very much.

Funny Pet Story: One time my cat jumped into the toilet bowl so I gave her a bath to clean her off. Since then she has loved water, she knows how to open the shower door and will join me in the shower everyday. I now have to close the toilet lid or she will jump in there as if it is a bath and sometimes I have to close the bathroom door so she doesn’t follow me as I don’t feel like drying her off everytime.

Hobbies: My passion for animal welfare relates to every part of my life. I regularly volunteer with Zoos Victoria. Which gives me an opportunity to visit the zoo, help the animals as well as the visitors. I really enjoy chatting about all things animals!

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