Qualifications: Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services (Dog Training)

Why: I wanted to join a great team serving pets & their owners. I love helping owners to train and socialise their puppies so they grow into confident & happy dogs. I’m excited to make Joni & Co a pet store and grooming salon that dogs love to visit!

My Pets: Momo, Papillon, white & sable, 3 years old (born Jan 2020); Decibelle, DMH cat, white with stunning blue eyes, 8 (adopted Jun 2015)

Funny Pet Story: We call Momo the “leash police” because he will bark at dogs who are off leash in on-leash only areas or on the street, but not at dogs in the off leash park. Decibelle has a pink nose & paw pads. A few days after I brought her home her nose & paw pads went completely white. This scared me so I took her to the vet. It turned out she was just cold – all the blood had moved away from her extremities to make them white instead of pink!

Hobbies: I like live comedy, and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival is my favourite time of year! If you tell me a comedian or a comedy show you like I can give you a recommendation!

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